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Starr Valley Ranch
1478 E. Warren Woods Road
Buchanan, MI 49107

And into the forest I go,
to lose my mind
and find my soul.

          ~ John Muir

Welcome to Starr Valley Ranch!

Our beautiful community was conceived and developed three decades ago as a residential complex which maximizes the attributes of our woodland surroundings and lake frontage. Our complex serves a community of homeowners who share a deep respect for the natural environment and are committed to conserving and preserving its benefits. 

Our Purpose and Principles

Housing: We’ve kept our development consistent with the original vision and home models, with a respect for variations and modifications which blend in with, and complement, the woodland surroundings. 

Lifestyle: Our complex is dedicated to the preservation of an atmosphere and environment which offers a simple and serene quality of life as an alternative to the urban and suburban surrounding from which many of our part-time and full-time residents come.

Environment: The conservation and preservation of the woodlands and lake areas are high priorities of our community as these natural benefits make this development unique and form the essential character of the complex. 

Recreation: The use of the grounds for recreational purposes is consistent with the natural environment. Our residents avoid activities which may injure or destroy the natural setting we all enjoy.  


Continuity: Starr Valley Ranch benefits from the commitment of each homeowner, both current and in the future, to our Statement of Purpose and the determination to pass on our unique living environment to succeeding generations.

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